1. How do I know if my swimming pool is leaking?

 The most common indication that you have a leak, is when the water level drops faster than can be attributed to evaporation or splashing. 1/8"-1/4" is an acceptable loss, unless you are heating the pool and your night is cold. 

2. Does anyone need to be home during the test?

No, but lease notify us ahead of time. We will need any gate codes or access instructions as well. We will need a working electrical outlet and access to the breaker box.

3. The water level is low; does my pool/spa need to be filled?

We can only dye-test the portion of your pool/spa shell that is under water so please have it filled to the normal level.

4. I'm not sure if i have a leak. Is there a cost if you don't find one?

Yes; please do a Bucket Evaporation Test (instructions here) to make sure you have a leak before we set up an appointment.

5. Before the appointment, is there anything i need to do?

If you have a pool cover, please have it removed before our technicians arrive; have any pets secured from the pool area and have the breaker box & pool equipment area accessible.

6. How long will the leak test take?

 The testing will take 1-4 hours (depending on how much plumbing there is to test, the size of the pool and spa and how many leaks you might have). The price quoted will not change due to how long the testing takes.